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A hard-earned reputation for tenacity and accountability. Respected by law enforcement, prosecutors, and attorneys.


The judicial branch is the means by which the opioid and methamphetamine scourge has been successfully addressed. Eleven years ago, she dove in and helped to make smart, effective, and meaningful changes to the very structure of our county’s judicial system.


Marie is a founding member of the Felony Drug Court Program. Started in 2008, this trailblazing court was one of the first courts in the State of Ohio to be fully certified by the Ohio Supreme Court. View the full article on the Ashtabula County Drug Court at https://www.starbeacon.com/news/local_news/ashtabula-county-drug-court-is-entering-th-year/article_11332070-e427-5a96-a461-e8951b4176c0.html.

Marie’s knowledge in this specialized field is not matched by any other candidate. Marie’s expertise has led to invitations to teach this subject to judges, prosecutors, and probation officers in Ohio and across this country.

Marie is a trial attorney. For 27 years she has been working from the inside to make our justice system accountable.

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Learn more about Marie Lane at Judicial Votes Count: https://blogs.uakron.edu/judicialvotescount/d-marie-lane/


  • Board member and current Vice President of the Ashtabula County Metroparks Board.

  • President of Ashtabula County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board., 2014 – 2016. Board member 2008 – 2018.

  • Member of Ashtabula Area College Committee, the advisory board to Kent State Ashtabula.

  • Member and P.E.R. of Ashtabula Elks Lodge #208.

  • Member of American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, #103.

  • Member of the Lift Bridge Community Association.

  • Member of the Fraternal Order of Police Associates (FOPA).

  • Served ten years on the board of Mariners Point Condominium Homeowners Association, including five years as president.


In 2009, Marie was appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Chief Justice to serve on the Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Specialized Dockets. This committee established the first statewide rule and uniform standards for the operation of specialized docket courts.

The Chief Justice then appointed Marie in 2013 to serve on the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Specialized Dockets, which oversees the operation of specialized docket courts throughout the state. Marie was selected for the position overall other defense attorneys in the State of Ohio.

In 2011, Marie was honored by her peers when she received the Distinguished Service Award from the Ashtabula County Bar Association. This award specifically recognized her “Professional Administration of the Ashtabula County Public Defender Office, Outstanding Service as President of the Ashtabula County Bar Association, and for Respected Skills as a Trial Advocate.”

In 2018, Marie was selected as a faculty consultant for the National Drug Court Institute, which provides training and technical assistance to drug courts throughout the United States.


Marie has lived in Saybrook Township for almost 22 years and has three cats. She enjoys playing bocce in the Walnut Beach summer league, playing golf, and enjoying the county’s natural amenities. Marie is an avid Cleveland Browns fan and takes her nephew to training camp each year. The Lane family also enjoys spending weekends at Cedar Point.